AGE: 12 Yrs. BREED:  Mini Horse  COLOR: Grey/White HEIGHT: 8.3 Hands / 160 Lbs. RIDER LEVEL: N/A RIDER LIMITATIONS: N/A HEALTH: Good (See Detail Below) PERSONALITY: Shy, Loving 



– Anhidrosis, compromised ability to sweat. Treatment is ½ Tsp of One AC one time a day. Fancy is shaved and needs to be shaved about every 4-6 months. Medicine costs $26.37 on Amazon, lasts about 6 months.

- Cushing’s Syndrome, dysfunction of the pituitary gland. Treatment is Pergolide given orally .03ml dosage one time a day (using a 1ml syringe for proper dosage). Medicine is through a vet, approx. $100, and lasts 1 year.
All this sounds scary, it’s actually very minimal and can be maintained forever on a low budget. 

She is shy at first, but very loving. Non-aggressive, stands, ties, clips, and loads easily. We have done all vaccines, worming, and feet. She is UTD on everything. She could be taught to pull a cart, great with kids and people once she overcomes her shyness and builds trust. Please fill out an application if interested. 


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