AGE: 16 Yrs. BLM Branded BREED: Mustang COLOR:  Red Roan HEIGHT: 15.3 Hands 

RIDER LEVEL: Untrained RIDER LIMITATIONS: Needs Training HEALTH: Sound / UTD Everything 


BIO: Sampson has no health issues. He is very loving and friendly, but needs to build trust in the beginning. He is UTD on everything. Sampson is from the Nevada herd as a BLM Mustang. He has minimal training and handling. He is not unsafe and has a very kind nature about him. This boy is gorgeous and stout, long mane and tail. He has good ground manners and loads well in a trailer. To our knowledge he has not been saddled. We will continue to work with him and the fee will continue to go up as he learns more. He would make a great horse for just about anyone. He does occasionally get a stud mentality if encouraged by the mare (yes he is gelded).  


Adoption Status Subject to Change 

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